Shopping Online

 ➢ How can I create an account/login?

To create or log into the FRAMMENTI website, just click on the person on the homepage. A login form will be displayed for you to enter your email and password. If you don’t have an account yet, click on Create Account and fill out the form with email, password, and password validation.


➢ How can I add items to the shopping basket?

To add items to the shopping basket:

  1. Select the desired product(s) and specify color and size.
  2. If necessary, validate the number of products you want and click on the ADD TO CART button.
  3. Select the shopping cart to see the products you added. 

➢ How can I finish the checkout?

To checkout, click on the shopping basket at the top of the page, then click on checkout. Fill in the billing details form with your name, country, address, ZIP code, phone number, and email. Optimize time by selecting the option to create a customer account to have your data already available in the next purchase. Check your order: the products, colors, size, and quantity, as well as the total purchase price. Pick your payment method and enter the details. When completed, an order confirmation will be shown on the screen, and you will receive a validation email in your email address.


➢ What are the Shipping Types?

Our partner DHL Express is responsible for all deliveries.


➢ What is the Delivery Time?

Delivery times vary according to location and logistical organization. It starts counting from the moment the order is placed and paid, respectively. Please click here to find the average delivery time for your country.


➢ How can I check that my order has been registered?

To verify if your order has been registered, confirm that you have received the order confirmation email in the account you provided. 

If you haven’t received the email, check your spam and deleted emails first. Subsequently, if within 1 hour you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact FRAMMENTI through the contacts presented to confirm your order.


➢ Are the articles on the website really available?

All the articles on the website are in stock, not foreseeing any logistical problems with them. You can check the availability of every item when you select one. 


➢ Do I have to make a minimum purchase to buy items in the online store?

There is no minimum purchase value. However, there are benefits: if you buy 100€ or more, shipping is free for all countries.


➢ Do I have security in the quality of the products sent?

If you have any complaints or questions about the product, please send us an email to [email protected]


➢ Is it mandatory to register on the site to make purchases?

It is not necessary to create an account to buy a FRAMMENTI product. However, it is mandatory to add the name, email address, address, and telephone number (in case we need to contact you quickly about your order). 


➢ Can I offer a product to someone else?

You can send the order to another address other than the billing address. Please make sure the details are correct. Soon, you will also be able to give someone a gift card.


➢ Can I buy a gift card in your store?

Yes, you can acquire a gift card of multiple amounts in our online store [insert link]. Just select the item and its value. 


➢ How does it work?

To buy it, you just have to select the item in our online store and pay for it at the checkout. You will then receive an email confirmation with the card, which you can forward to your receiver. 

If you received the gift card, choose the product(s) you want, add it/them to the cart and proceed to checkout. 

You can also combine it with discounts or promotional codes.

How does it work for the buyer?

    • Select the gift card you want to buy and add it to the shopping cart. 
    • Proceed to checkout. 
    • Confirm you have received an email confirmation with the gift card.
    • Forward the email to the recipient. 

How does it work for the receiver?

    • Choose the product(s) you want to buy and add them to the cart. 
    • Proceed to checkout.
    • Add the Frammenti Gift Card as a payment method during checkout and complete your order.
    • Add a discount or promotion code if you have one.
    • Pay for your order with the gift card. 

➢ Can the gift card expire?

Yes. Once it is bought, it will be available in the next 12 months. 


➢ Can I outspend the gift card?

Not exactly. You can buy as many products as you want, use the gift card and pay the difference using Paypal or Stripe. If the order’s amount is less than the balance in the gift card, it will remain available. 


➢ How many times can I use the gift card?

It can be used until the balance is 0.00€. To check the gift card’s balance, just login into your account.

It can’t be used once the validity is over. 


Things to note: 

    • You can’t reload a gift card.
    • You can’t use a gift card to buy another. 
    • It cannot be replaced in cases of loss or robbery.


➢ What are the forms of payment?

In the FRAMMENTI online store, Credit Cards (Stripe), namely Visa, American Express, and Mastercard, are accepted as payment methods, as well as PayPal. Please check Terms and Conditions for more information. 


➢In which currencies can I shop?

All products, fees, and services in the FRAMMENTI online store are in EUROS (€). Therefore, your card issuer may see your payment as an international transaction in some countries and charge an additional fee. For further details on this, please contact your card issuer directly.


➢ Is online payment secure?

Yes, the security of our clients is one of our top priorities. All the information you give us is only used to process the order. Frammenti won’t keep it.

We also use SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your data. Please check our Privacy Policy for further doubts. 


➢ Do item prices already include VAT?

All prices displayed on products on the website don’t include VAT. We present the total cost in the checkout, plus the shipping fee. 


➢ How do I get the invoice?

You’ll receive the invoice in your email. If you don’t receive it (after checking the spam folder), contact us, please. 


➢ Can I ask for an invoice with my Taxpayer Identification Number?

Yes, you can add your Taxpayer Identification Number during the checkout. If you have trouble with that, please send a message to [email protected]

Deliveries and returns

 ➢ Can I return products?

Yes. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days to send us an email so we can evaluate your case. 


➢ Can I modify or cancel my order?

You can modify or cancel the order. Please contact FRAMMENTI through [email protected] with your request as soon as possible. For more information, click here


➢ Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to all countries. The delivery times and shipping costs may vary.


➢ Who delivers my order?

All orders placed in the FRAMMENTI online store will be delivered through DHL Express.


➢ How long does it take for the order to arrive at my address?

Please click here to see the average delivery time.


➢ Do I have to pay for shipping?

All purchases include shipping payment, which may vary according to the country. All orders above 100€ have free shipping. 


➢ Is it possible to receive the order at an address other than the billing address?

It is possible to receive the order in an address different from the billing address. To do so, simply fill out the form at checkout and select the option to send the order to a different billing address.


➢ How can I track my order?

You can track the order through the DHL website using the order number (included in the shipping confirmation email). 


➢ What to do if I receive a damaged item?

If your product is defective, please contact FRAMMENTI through the contacts provided. 


➢ What to do if my order is lost?

If your order is lost, contact FRAMMENTI so that it can get in touch with the competent authorities. We will always try to help find the best solution. 

Personal account (data)

➢ What are the benefits of creating an account?

With a FRAMMENTI account, you can easily change delivery addresses, access your order history, process a return, add items to your wish list, manage your email subscriptions and receive benefits made exclusively for our clients. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 


➢ I forgot my password. And now?

If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the email’s instructions. If you have any difficulties, contact FRAMMENTI via the contacts provided so that we can help you.


 ➢ Can I change my customer details?

You can change your customer data, bearing in mind that this change does not change any previous purchase. If you want to change the delivery address after placing an order, you will have to contact FRAMMENTI. If the order hasn’t been shipped yet, we may be able to modify it. 


➢ How can I contact you?

Adress: Quinta da Bassaqueira, Estrada Nacional, 10 Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, 2925-511 Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +351 913 140 078


➢ If I want an exclusive and personalized product that is not on the website, can I place an order?

If you want a FRAMMENTI product personally tailored, please contact us with your idea. We love new designs. 

Products and stocks

➢ Where can I see technical information about a product?

You can see technical information about a product on its page in the section below the product photo: namely, product description, weight, dimensions, color, size, composition, collection, category, and product care. For more information, please contact FRAMMENTI. 


➢ Where can I find a size guide?

All our products’ sizes fit true to size. If you have any doubts about this, contact us. 


➢How do I check if the product is really FRAMMENTI?

The best way to guarantee if a product is a FRAMMENTI original is to buy it on our website. If you detect a falsified product, please contact us through [email protected] and share with us the item’s photo and the non-authorized seller’s address/website. Thank you. 


➢ Are the product materials eco-friendly?

All our products are manufactured by the certified industry  Global Organic Textile Standard and Axpo Full of Energy for Climate-friendly Power


➢Where are product materials and products manufactured?

In Portugal, with the help of our partner Alec.


➢Do the products purchased have special care?

Each product has its handling and washing precepts. You can see technical information about the product on its page on Specifications.


➢ Is the color shown in the photographs of the website products accurate?

At FRAMMENTI, each photographed product is treated to display the colors as similar to reality. However, certain colors may change shades in natural light, just as there may be variations from one screen to another, depending on the viewing mode.


➢ Can I contact you to answer questions about the clothes or the brand?

You can contact us for any clarification through the following means:

Adress: Quinta da Bassaqueira, Estrada Nacional, 10 Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, 2925-511 Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +351 913 140 078


➢ Does FRAMMENTI support or have partnerships with other entities?

Yes, Frammenti has partnerships with Alec, Milk & Black, Angola Spots, Angry Ventures, among others. 

➢ How can I find out all the news from FRAMMENTI?

You can subscribe to the FRAMMENTI newsletter, as well as discover our social media:







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